have you ever wondered what you would do if you were president? well, today i was inspired to write it down. now, i only have a few things so far, but i like ’em enough to share them with you guys.

well, what actually inspired me was when i was at lunch, we were watching channel one news & hillary clinton was on & she was talking about how she is going to run for president & i was like “i wanna run for president some day”. then me, Laurne, & michelle were just talking about different stuff that i would stand for so here ya go!!!

i would make english the official language of the United states. i mean, seriously, why hasnt someone done this one already???

ya know that boarder problem we have? i have the solution! two words. electric fences. i mean, come on, that would basically solve it. but wait, it doesnt end there! okay, we got the electric fence, but then after that, there will be about 12 or so feet & another fence. between those 2 fences, there will be a pack of wild rabid dogs. the way i figure it, if you can get past that, you have the initiative to get things done & deserve to live here. lol.

then there’s that issue of iraq. well, its simple. screw iraq. we dont need to still be over there. we got at least 1 of the 2 guys we went for, i think we’re pretty much covered. plus, they dont want us there & most of the soldiers dont wanna be there. so, i would bring them all back home. save them for when we really need them.

then, just for my own satisfaction, screw political correctness. i hate the people who are always one everybody else’s asses about being politically correct. it gets really annoying!!

ah, new orleans. okay, my solution is, dont bother rebuilding it where it was. just move it somewhere else, like, higher ground perhaps? sound good to you? the old new orleans was in a freaking bowl!!! if we rebuild it, & another super hurricane comes like katrina, then guess what? *smakes head* we have to rebuild again! freaking god!

then this one again, is basically for my own personal satisfaction. i would make schooling up to the 12th grade mandatory. i hate stupid people, so i would do my best to prevent generations of stupid people in the future. sound good? now, 8th grade is the highest that a child/adolescent is required by law to go to school, & after that they can become a high school drop out if they so choose. well, if it were up to me, that wouldnt be an option. they would have to go to high school. and this whole, no child left behind shit, yea, that would be gone. i mean, if your child is stupid, then their stupid. you can go making retarded excuses for them. so if they have to repeat a grade, so be it. they’ll learn eventually.

and finally, i would legalize same sex marriages.

yup, thats all of ’em. watcha think? would you vote for me? lemme know. i mean, who knows, one day when your looking at the presidential elections, you’ll see your truly. hehehe. i hope.



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