Last night I stood in front of my mirror and saw a girl completely broken and lost. Her cheeks red and wet form the tears and by the look in her eyes you can tell that it is taking everything in her to keep holding on. This isn’t the first time I have seen this girl. I saw her for the first time when I was 12 and as the years passed she frequented more and more. At first I hated her as I tend to hide my emotions to prevent abuse at home or in relationships. However, I soon found comfort in her as she was the only person who truly knew what I was going through. Though I could see cuts, I could also see strength. With that much pain in her eyes it amazed me every breath she continued to take. Even with all the voices in her head telling her that it would just be easier to let go, she continued to breath. She continued to live. Even with every situation that triggers her I know that she will put up the best fight she can. What is she fighting for though? It took me a while to understand, but after 10 years I can feel that she is fighting for that girl she used to know. The one with light in her eyes and enthusiasm for life. I just hope that someday her tears begin to dry and that light returns to her eyes.


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