I am a mother in her 40’s that lives in Central Arkansas. I have horrible social anxiety and have since I was a teenager. Sometimes it is so debilitating that I cannot shop or work. I take medicine but it only helps so much.  Because of my anxiety, I have trouble making friends. I am looking for (non-dating) friends near where I live who has the similar pains as me (anxiety/depression, etc…) and who want to talk on here and maybe hang out sometimes.

  1. determined 2 years ago

    Hi I know what you are going through and I have trouble making friends as well. I am literally scared of talking to people. I don’t live in Arkansas but, I can relate.

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  2. checkinout 2 years ago

    Danm I Feel for you hugely! For me it’s double edge sword. I enjoy the fact nobody will recognize me if I do go outside my home, it’s incredibly lonely because I still need Lovel and friendships.

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