So I have a son that is almost 22 years old and I have been taking care of his monthly bills and making sure they are paid on time for the past few years.  I have tried several times to set down with him and show him how to do his finances, but he never wants to listen or he gets angry.

Yesterday he calls and is angry with me because his truck payment was not paid and the finance company is calling him wanting to know why he hasn't made his payment.  He calls me names and says he doesn't have time for this crap.  I tried to explain to him he has not had enough money in his account to pay his truck payment, but he still gets mad at me for it.  So, I tell him I will make the payment online since he gets paid on Friday and the payment won't go through until then or after.  When I get the confirmation back on the payment it shows a much higher amount than the one I made.  So now he is mad at me again, because the finance companies computer didn't input the right amount.

I don't know what to do with him.  I told him to make a stop payment at his bank, but he says he can't do it.  I can't do everything for him.  He has a baby for christ sake and he can't even pay his own bills, it's makes very angry I'm always the bad guy in all of this.

So now he finally pulled his head out of his butt and is on the way to the bank to put a stop payment on the truck payment, so they don't take the extra money.  I just don't know what to do, anyone have any suggestions?  I feel he is old enough to handle these things on his own and I'm only holding him back by continuing to pay his bills for him.

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  1. debs 14 years ago

    yeah eric i agree, time for tough love and you goitta be cruel to be kind.  When he had matured he will appreciate what you have done for him

    debs xxx

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