Our state of mind is not simply the bi-product of our genes or the places we find ourselves emotionally. AKA: We have a LOT of control over the way we feel. Perhaps half of our happiness is 10% life circumstances and 40% by our daily thoughts and actions.   I find that the best way to achieve is the 40%…it is at our disposal in every day life…..we CAN improve our moods. It may feel like dragging a ton of shit uphill & not worth the effort……but I’ll bet you that is you keep reading, YOU might have a chance to improve YOUR mood…..

* BE THANKFUL:  Can you believe that you can feel better with expressions of gratitude?  A test had 2 "study groups" to prove this.   Group One: asked ppl to write down the things that you were grateful for 3X a week.  Group Two asked ppl to write down things they were graeful for, BUT only once a week.  When compared, the "once a week" group ppl were significantly happier. The equation?   Even self-help strategies can become tiresome and counter productive if you "over-do" them — but a little can be VERY effective!

*DO SOMETHING NICE:  Those little "gestures", like offering to make someone a coffee or buying someone lunch, actually seem to make ppl feel better about themselves. Even better, being nice to a complete stranger can have a upped marked effect on mood. "Help Othera, Help Yourself" motto. As we tend to be keen to make a good first impression, this involves portraying a cheery disposition.  AKA: If we act cheerful, we tend to feel our own mood lighten as a result.

*AVOID NEGATIVE VIBES: I realize this may sound too obvious BUT ppl ARE affected by the ppl around them.  Emotions can be contagious, so if you stick out w/ ppl who grumble & moan, it’s not hard to imagine that it will rub-off on you.  On the other end of the scale, by ignoring the negative ppl (psychic vampires) and spend more time w/ ppl who make you feel better, it goes to say that this stands to reason that your mood will be lifted, also.

*HEALTHY BODY, HEALTHY MIND: A healthy body does help cultivate a healthier, happier mind.  They are more interneshed together than you can imagine. Good news is that  doing something like a brisk 10-minute walk, some daily breathing exercises (does wonders for anxiety,too) and a balanced diet (stay away from heavy carbs) are essential ingredients towards a lighter mood.

*TEMPT YOUR SENSES:  We all are born with an innate sense of pleasure that are from our senses……..yet, daily we assault them on a daily basis w/ traffic fumes, noise, harsh or poor lighting, dreadful meals & uncomfortable working environments. You may not get positive vibes off all your senses..HOWEVER, a flower or plant are known to make ppl feel less anxious & even generate greater enthusiasm.  Music tickles the pleasure centers of the brain & has a long after-life, even after once the music physically finishes.  Certain smells are very appealing (I am sure that everyone has heard more & more about aromatherapy)  Via flowers, candles, sprays & etc.. Take a short poll with your body’s mind & senses. you might really give your environment & mind quite a lift!     Your mood will thank you!peace from Miranda


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