so i’m new here, can’t even get the blog categories to work, super nervous about writing this but everyone seems friendly and supportive, so i thought i’d share my story.

i am 18, have autism and have overcome bulimia, anxiety, depression, insomnia and mild ptsd.

when i was a young kid, i never fit in. i was bullied for being the ‘weird quiet kid’, left school bruised everyday and in tears but it was nothing compared to home. i’m sure many of you here know what it’s like to go home to arguing and fighting from your parents, possibly even abuse towards you too, that was everyday reality for me. my mum then ended up institutionalised for ocd and depression and and my dad tried to commit suicide in front of me.

when they finally got divorced i thought it’d be the end, but my nightmare continued. my mum met an alcoholic and became one too, her partner medically died 3 times and is now incapacitated. my dad would ‘sexually abuse’ me until he met his girlfriend, who is controlling as and convinced him to kick me out the family because i had an autistic meltdown.

as mentioned before i went on a downward spiral, all those conditions piled up and i was unresponsive to any sort of therapy. anti depressants and psychotics took the edge off but what really saved me was meeting my boyfriend. we are in a long distance relationship and the pressure is starting to get to me, but it’s worth it. we meet up every two months and in those times especially i feel loved and wanted, for the first time in my life.

december of 2017 i self weaned off all my meds and have not yet relapsed; although i am getting some of those feelings back due to new stresses, which is why i joined this site. if anyone has any suggestions on what i should do about feeling this way again or just wants to chat please feel free


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