Boooored.. So I figured I'm gonna write some of my Dream's, What I want for my Future: = )

  • Start Working & Hopefully enjoy it, work hard..
  • Start gaining my confidence back, with myself, inside & outside…. Which also means getting a control of my anxiety & Hopefully beating it!!!!
  • I Think I know who I am and what I want, but really figuring that out.
  • HOPEFULLY finding Mr. Right, I have been talking to an ex, who I fell in Love just by talking too, He makes me Laugh, He has these moments where He is sweet as can be, He trusted me and told me things that He never told anyone, I can talk to Him for hours.. Buttttttt, He has a girlfriend, well technically, He lives with Her bc He cant save his $ and hasnt moved out. He say's He sleeps on the Couch & is tired of the drama and the bull shit games, and really wants to be happy in Love. We had drama w/ this b4 and Him not being so honest, So I dont know how things are gonna go, but He really has my Heart..
  • Starting online school, after I pay back my debt that I owe to a school, for social work.
  • Having $$$$ for a car, new clothes, join a gym, nice new hair do & highlights, new shoes, new purses,nails, tanning, anything haha, etc…. = )!
  • I may go back to my Therapist just to talk about things, getting more of my Life, Independent Life, back on track.
  • Making new friends, so I can have a social life!
  • Mending my relationships, with my Family.
  • Being Happy.
  • Moving out, Apartment w/ someone or myself.
  • Getting Married.
  • Having Babies & being a Great Mommy = )!

PRAYING All the time they come true & Hoping Ill be Happy with a good Life. I dont want the ghetto lifestyle either haha! Anxiety seems to be the biggest thing standing in my way. Maybe its myself, idk…!!!!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


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