people with Agoraphobia what are you doing to get help and what services…

I have been suffering from Agoraphobia, Anxiety with Panic attacks and depression with mood swings like crazy! for some time now, over 3 years now… I am so sick of living this way I feel so depressed and hopeless that things will not change. I have given up so much of my self and my life and my friends and family and I need to take it back  what I have given up… I have tryed living on my own and it didn\'t work out, so now  I am staying with family now, I had to find a place for my dog so I have been really down in the dumps with out him!!!! I havnt been able to leave where I am when I do I get really sick with Anxiety and panic attacks. I have been trying to get help for my Mental Health issues but I cant find any one or any place to help me; not being able to leave the house is makeing it really hard to get the help I need. When I am home I do not have as many issues as I do when I am out. The Mentel health place I have been trying to get help from they wants me to go to the intake apt. in person and they want me to give up my rights and check my self in a mental hospital and I am not ready to do that, one I dont want to give up my rights and be locked up somwhere, and 2nd. I\'m not going to torture myself getting there… As everyone knows the sysptoms are mental but also phisical and you feel like your dyeing do I feel so lost and so stuck from getting the help I need ! Any advice and cheering up would be very helpful right now! ~!ASulli


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