If this is going to be a multi series blog. So it’s not a long read

This will be numbered. Pt 1

People always say if you need help ask for itAnd that’s what I tried to do .

I got what I thought was insurance from work and I tried to see a Therapist.

I have to go through 3 visits before they decide on what medications they should put me on…. I’m at the point that I realize I do need some kind of mood medication

A few days before my 2nd appointment the doctor Office called me and told me that my insurance is not going to cover the second visit

The visits are 300 with out insurance.  I cant afford that at all.  I tried going after the death of my dog. I was devastated. I live alone I don’t have anybody close to me. He is what you would call a support animal. My animals were my family…..

And I got turned down…. I need help. But nobody will give it to you and they will turn your back even though they know you need it because you don’t have the money.

I work . That is my fault.  A met my ends with I don’t know what to do. I need help and I can’t get it.   I’m not suicidal but no wonder there’s so many incidents in this world.  Because people just turn their back.


They say they care but they don’t they only care about in cash and their own well being.


Later on they will say if I only knew. To make themselves feel better. Meanwhile your drownding you’re putting your arm up saying I’m drownding they’re watching you. And night go back to doing their own business.


I’m going to start my series now my next blog will be about my dog and how my whole downfall of the year

I have many losses








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