Why did they try to kill me. WHY!?! What did i ever do wrong. Everything used to be so happy. And now if i fall asleep they shread my arms to make me bleedd to death. Dw i think im gonna be okay. Im locked in a room with an ipod touch a small bottle of water clothes and a bed. The bottle of water smells werid. I think they might have done somthing to it. So i havent had much to drink cause all i had left in my schoool drink bottle was almost half. Ive been in here for almost 2 weeks,. Whats next. What are they gonna do i dont want them to be anywhere near me, im terrified. Maybe ill smash a window. I dont think ill get far i havent eaten much and i havent got any water. I have 70 cents. Thats gonna get me far. NOT! Ill keep on fighting. I may not have any friends here but geez i have so many friends from differnet places! You guys are giving me so much suport. I think im gonna hide behind the door tonight, when they come looking for me ill bolt out and hide. Ill wait till they go to sleep and ill look for a phone and ring the police. Yep im gonna scream and scream until they come! For now i have to wait until they open the door. Im gonna have to rest a bit cause im gonna have to run like a mad thing. Im getting outta here tonight. But this means i might not come on ever again. So good luck and goodbye. I luv you all! I hope you keep on fighting against depression too, you guys deserve to be happy. I would preffer for all of yous to be happy than me. You mean so much to me so keep on fighting and NEVER EVER THINK ABOUT SUICIDE. Its not the answer.


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