Ok here we go…. I’m already quite upset right now because the company that i quit driving for in the beginning of November has not paid me yet, which is like 400 dollars. then it doesn’t help that my parents got home a little bit ago and the first thing that my dad says to me it "did u get that check yet?". I started driving for this company on a Thursday. i made a total of 2 rounds to Indianapolis, then i had to quit because i had a severe panic attack while driving and the safety director of the company asked me if i felt like i could safely drive and obviously i didn’t feel like i could so i went in and put in a letter of resignation. The HR guy told me that i wouldn’t get paid on that Friday because they always hold someone’s last check for an extra week. so, with that said, I should’ve gotten paid on the 16th. well, i tried calling him for the next week and a half after the 16th and could never get a hold of him and i left him a couple voicemails concerning the matter, not being mean or pushy about it either. well i finally got a hold of him on the 27th and he said that it was mailed out. he then went on to verify my address and said "you live at so and so address, correct?". well the address that he said was wrong. he then told me that he would check to see if it got returned and he would call me back when he found out. well i didn’t get a call back from him that day, so, later the following day, which was the 28th, i called him and asked him if it did get returned and he said that it did and that he already mailed it back out with the correct address. so, that was Wednesday and now it is Saturday and still no check….. i can believe that this would happen if the check was being mailed from across the country, but, its being mailed from 25 miles away!! so, after my dad asked me if i got the check yet, and i said no, he told me that i should call the HR guy and tell him to put a stop on the check and write me a new one and we will pick it up and if he doesn’t do it, that we will go to the better business bureau and contact our attorney. while listening to him rant on about this, i started to get the tightness in my chest, racing thoughts, shortness of breath and nervousness. so, i shut the movie off that i was watching, which by the way is pretty funny, the movie is Superbad, makes me laugh thinking about it, and went into my bedroom and got on here and starting writing this blog in hopes that it would calm me down. How can i make him understand this?? he is so damn stubborn and thick-headed, that he doesn’t understand a damn thing!! He has no idea what i am going through and it seems like he has never been the type of person to actually sit down and talk about something. which, is how most of the people in my family are. they will let something go till someone just starts cracks and starts yelling about it. maybe my anxiety is caused by an overwhelming amount of bottled up emotion…. wow, cant believe i just thought of that….. that might be it….


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