Hi, my name is Drucilla, and this is just an honest truth. At night is when all of my demons come out to play. At night, all of the bad thoughts and evil deeds resurface. They plot with the razor blade in my room and call my name. They scream for me to just cut through my skin until I bleed. And this is where my multiple personalities come into play. They love the feeling. The sharp twinge as I am cut deep enough to draw blood. They warm feeling as it runs down my wrist.  How my skin cries as I continue to drag the blade across it. They love the colors. The deep red of my sweet, iron-filled blood. The chocolaty pigment of my skin being interrupted by sudden, yet lovely bursts of red. But the only time that I can let this out is at night. So as I write this, I battle these demons. And it is a battle that I am sure to lose.


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