I don't need nor want your negativity,my family has got that covered thank you.I want you to listen and "take a look through my eyes."Last month on Friday 13th I applied for a warehouse position at a factory and started on Tuesday.Is that normal because I was expecting an interview or a longer waiting period.I've never had a job before so I didn't know what to expect standing for 10 hours,every day my feet were swollen,the tiny toes are pointed toward the other toes,the arches of my feet were pierced with pain I've never felt before.I checked dvds to make sure they were wrapped and labeled correctly, I had to fix them sometimes because the machine jammed and they fell off the conveyor belt is that what it's called?Opening dvds just to put paper or cds inside,putting them on a conveyor belt so others can put paper or cds inside.Opening dvds and standing them up so they can grab them,dropping a stack of dvds on a conveyor belt or grabbing five so one guy puts them into boxes,puts a plastic bubble pack inside,pushes it into a machine to get sealed.I pulled a bit of my nail off the skin when I opened a box,it's still healing.I felt so alone and confused because my coworkers barely spoke English.Why wasn't there someone to tell me " You are working as a _______, you are working 6am-5pm (I changed it to 3pm) this day to this day,you get your check this day,you get this many breaks at whatever times,you can use the bathroom this many times,detail on what I was suppose to do since I was moved around a lot.I would never put someone in charge if they aren't capable of speaking fluent English and giving clear,easy to understand instructions!I nearly fainted,almost vomited many times,the air was dry,I kept coughing,the fans didn't work most of the time it was horrible.Why were there four people putting dvds on the conveyor belt,two people to arranged them so the stickers go on the right spot but I was the only one to grab five or 10 at a time and put them on a table or on some wooden thing on the floor?Why would you force someone to stay on their feet for 10 or 8 hours why is that normal who decided that?No wonder there was barely anyone my age working there,that place needs chairs,ac,air purifiers,clean breakroom and bathrooms.Who said work can't be comfortable,we use our hands so why do our feet have to suffer?I quitted on day three,they overworked me and my brother,I didn't work there because I wanted to but because my parents made me using the "Only factory jobs pay well,everything else isn't good enough" excuse when it's really because they've worked in a factory most of their lives and know nothing else.They don't care about what I went through all they care about is money," Why the hell did you quit,we need the money,you're so immature and irresponsible you should have stayed there for 6 months!" I would never want my loved ones to go through that,I need to stop hoping those people (my family) will ever see me as an equal worthy of love and respect the more I hope the more it hurts.


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