Well fuck! curses of those who hadsuffered injustice were particularly effective.

When they say that everything happens for a reason and then everyone suddenly thinks that I am the reason.. Yes, I am vocal about who and what displeases and hurts me but only after reaching the point where I would either physically hurtanother person or just curse at them with every fibre of my being. The obvious better choice was being vocal so..

Having no idea how curses really work, It´s just plain stupid to think that I could somehow miraculously undo (i.e. cure) that hateful person´s sickness. Besides even if I did have the ability to do so, I´m not actually sure that there is enough mercy left within me to help them.

Reaping what they have sown.They have never shown me, even an ounce of, mercy so why should I. All the favours I did for them was only because I could not bear it in my heart to be like them. I could not, despite the amount of hatred that I feel towards that person, allow myself to ¨kick him when he´s down¨.

Now that the tables have turned, and that person is dying, I am suddenly being obliged by everyone to ask for forgivenes; and for what? for making that person sick, like l could literally give cancer to another person!. Am I supposed to feel sorry for being angry that they have physically hurt a person I deeply love? or am I supposed to be sorry for being hurt when they, for all intents and purposes, did things to hurt me emotionally?,. the fuck, they are actually asking me to ask forgiveness for when that person literally attacked me when I have no means and capacity to fight back, when that person bullied me, an orphan, to depression knowing full well that I would have no  where and no one to run to…

I am not capable of doing mean things to a dying person but I am also not stupid enough to forgive a person and all the horrible things that was done to me, and my loved ones, just because of an impeding death.especially when no forgiveness was ever asked from me and not even an ounce of remorse was shown.

It is amazing how people cling to mystical/ religious stuff when bad things happen to them; while they basically ignore the consequences, that their faith tells, when they are the ones doing bad things. Human nature at it´s finest.


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