I don't know what happened today. I was working, like I do every time Forest football are playing. And a few hours ago, I just randomaly started crying. I was working the floor, per usual, and all of a sudden I felt I needed to cry so I told someone else to take the food and ran to the toilets and just cried. WHY?! Was really uncalled for and weird. So I went back to work and then few minutes later sat down and just tried to calm down, maybe it was stress, I don't know. I didn't feel stressed to be honest. And then I started crying again! Luckily people at work understand and they offered hugs and comfort and made me drinks and stuff. Lovelypeople I work with. I just hugged my friend and just blurted out crying even more. Some of them were like why you crying? so I explained I have depression and sometimes have these mood swings where they change so quickly. Sometimes I don't get sad, I just go hyper. Other times, I giggle at everything and am really happy. It's really strange. Does anyone else actually get this? It's happened a few times at work. Mainly hyper, sometimes anger and sometimes crying. I can't exactly explain them though. Like today, I said I'm pathetic for crying over nothing but unfortunately I have to live with it and it's not nice. My friends were understanding and they were telling me it's not my fault and I'll be okay. It's worse not knowing when I'm going to switch moods. They come really randomly.

Please anyone else out there in the world who this happens to or really similar, help me. Or just give me advice on how you deal with it. I can't keep doing this at work. Managers may be understanding but if it becomes a regular thing, I think I'll end up losing my job. Need advice/help and quick.

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  1. onedayatatime 9 years ago

    I used to do that a lot, sometimes one of the symptoms I have with anxiety attacks is I cry for not reason and I can\'t stop. I used to work in my school cafeteria and hide in the salad freezer because the tears wouldn\'t stop flowing. For me, sometimes it\'s better just to let it out, because then sometimes the feeling will go away. But if you can\'t do that, I would try to distract myself (I know, easier said then done) and when I stopped concentrating on it, I would feel better eventually.

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