Ive been working on a few types of lamps. One a made is a Japanese style lantern, one square one and one round one..also i bought a couple of lamps from thrift stores which im trying to redecorate in an artsy way. I have all these parts ive been gathering for them. Its still a bit of a puzzle right now.The ideas will come when im not trying to think to hard about it. Thats the way things happen with me.

According to some scientists and practisers of meditaion, our best ideas come when we are in a state of meditation. which naturally occurs just before you fall asleep. Its a state of total comfort and at ease. The feeling is when you lay down and think and eventually feel tired and close your eyes. And when you feel totally relaxed your mind just starts drifting into a dream like state.This happens briefy just before we actually fall asleep. I recently read a book by famous movie director David Lynch. He wrote a book on medittation,consciousness and creativity. Im not his biggest fan,even though he has based a lot of his in the dark side.

He mentioned that his best ideas for his films come when he meditates. Its not easy, it takes much practise. But when mastered you should be able to meditate in a bus noisy bus station. The common form of medition is to close your eyes and lower your heart rate. Come to a complete calm through breathing and our thought process is channeled into a single thought. Never going outside this zone. This is a magical place, and we all have it. This is our " Light " , you dont need to travel to Tibet or go on spiratual quests to find this. I have always been this way, and was so happy to read about it. It makes sense to me now. Some of us spend a lot of time alone, and to learn how to harness your energy through meditation can be the most valuable tool for depressed people. Its my opinion, and i realize that all people have different ways of coping.

The common ground which we all strive for is peace and happiness. This exists within us. Its not a relationship with God unless you want it to be. My relationship is with myself. The true form of meditation is to find one's self. The center. Its takes a lot of practice , its all about being able to block out distractions and focus on a single thought. Never go outside this box so to speak. Many use a candle and stare at the flame untill we can drift into our internal blissfull state. So the key is to tune your thoughts into only one. This is especially difficult for me, my mind races all over naturally.

You can meditate anytime you feel like, for most a quiet room or quiet place is the best way to start. We all do it subconsciously, its just a matter of finding your own. Its there


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