My son was hit by a car today . I'm blaming myself because I wanted movies and had him go get them. Well the ones I wanted were at one redbox and the one he wanted was at a different redbox. Well we got all of them after hubby said he couldn't ride the bike cause he left it out I told him to take the bike cause that would be faster then walking. Which his friend was with him which I made go home after he said he would walk with my son. But I said no cause hubby said he was in trouble over the bike. Needless to say my hubby had the car at work today because of the rainy weather he usually rides his motorbike but took the car today . So I told my son after arguing about time that I would go and he said no he would go so we went back and forth for a few minutes , then decide on me doing the dishes which is my sons chore and him going to get the movies. So I get the dishes done my son calls to say he is leaving the first redbox to go to the next. Not even what seem like five minutes later the phone rings again and it says it's my son's cell phone . And there is a strange woman on the other line saying my son was hit by a car. Needless to say I'm hysterical and from there its kinda a blur the tears the emotions the just not knowing. The woman was very emotional right along with yet trying to calm me. I have since spoken to her again and I am very grateful she was with my son and able to give me details of the accident. My son is six foot one hundred sixty five pounds he looks like he s eighteen or nineteen so people tend to think he is already a adult so he has kinda of gotten use to it. But in this moment with this strange woman he says I am only fourteen can you please call my Mommy because nobody stopped to think he was a child. So she immediately called me from his phone. Needless to say he woman that hit him got out asked if he was okay my son said he didn't say anything. She then got back in her vehicle and tried to leave when a bystander jump in front of her vehicle she proceed to roll down the window and tell her to get the [email protected]@@ out of the way so the woman moved in fear tat she would hit her to. Needless to say this woman left the scene and went and got her Mom and came back to gain to be rude to everyone who objected to her leaving. Needless to say my son has a concussion and a sprained ankle and bumps and bruises . And the time from my house which I had to have a neighbor give me a ride To the hospital was the worst time ever the not knowing how my baby was I could barely breathe I felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest. And then to get to the hospital and have them tell me I can't go back till they have him settled what does that mean settled. Wow it was a heart wrenching panic but finally the nurse came out and got me she looked at me are you Evan's Mom my heart sunk as I said yes she said come back. When I got to him he was beat red crying and grimacing in pain I just grabbed and kissed him and told him h would be fine I was so grateful to see him awake and moving. I feel very blessed right now and very lucky but I can't stop thinking that it's my fault if I would have let them walk or if I just would have have listen to hubby and not let him ride the bike. Or if I would have not wanted movies. I don't know I'm a whirlwind of emotions right now but one thing is for sure I'm extremely grateful my baby is asleep in his bed, so I guess in the end I should be thankful and kiss him and hug him a little more everyday. One thing for certain I don't think I will let him ride a bike anywhere again… :0(

  1. marnella 10 years ago

    I am crying reading your blog – God I am so very glad your baby is ok. I can't imagine the array of sickening emotions you experienced today, but believe me, none of this was your fault. It was the fault of the driver of the car who hit your son, plain and simple, and that  person must be held accountable, legally. I don't know you but wish I could give you a  hug right now. You are very blessed that everything turned out ok. And just my little piece of therapist advice…..if your son wishes to ride his bike again, let him. Let him move forward past this event but make sure he wears a helmut, cool or not. Dont let this careless person who hit him, shape your son's future without a bike. I know you cant even think about this right now, but if you ever need to talk – please message me.

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  2. sunninbunni 10 years ago

    Thank you all for the comments . I need all the positive thoughts I can get right now so thank you… :0)

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