So there has been a lot of talk about this whole Osama Bin Laden thing, I'll have you know, DT, that this is the first time I am talking about this, and it will be the last. Here it is: "Don't believe everything you read" (especially from the media.) That's all I'm going to say on the matter of this.

So my girlfriend has been into music for almost as long as her whole life. I knew this from the start. I had sold all my musical instruments a while back for some desperate money. I've really wanted to play with her for a while now, and am looking to buy a nice acoustic guitar if anyone has one laying around, let me know and I will put down some good coin for it. Or a uke, but I'm really picky about them.

Also about last night, our evening wasn't ruined, we went back out at some un-godly hour after hearing the supposed good news and redeemed some free drinks. I really like the bartender there, he is really friendly and seems to have a good grasp on all the latest news. He's a little older than me.

So I guess I went to see my shrink today, She told me that I "May have anxiety" I made another wisecrack about how much it costs to visit her. She laughed again. She gave me a pamphlet on anxiety and it read "Anxiety and you." In cursive letters, like me and anxiety were good pals from grade school. There was a woman on the page looking mysteriously into the camera like "I'm going to solve this mystery about anxiety" I laughed at it out loud for a good long time. My shrink looked at me sternly and said " 'Case', I'm serious. we need to find out if you do or not" She opened the pamphlet in my hand and put her finger on one of the symptoms. "Shooting pains" I put my finger on another one saying "Frequent urinations" and said "I don't have that, so I guess I'm okay." She said " Case, come on now. Act your age." I knew she was right. I had a constant ' shooting pain' in my hand whenever I think of passed wife. I put my thumb where it hurt and pressed hard. "See?" She said. "Your hand, I've seen it before." she tried to pull my hands apart. The pain flashed really bad and I shoved her arm away.

What a ladies man I am. So I guess now I will go to the store soon to pick up some anti depressants, maybe that will help me feel better. I honestly doubt it but, what's the worst that can happen?


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    case 11 years ago

    I’m not saying anythings a conspiracy, I’m also not saying that our war is over because of this…

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  2. Author
    case 11 years ago

    Yes, as I said before though, last time I'm talking about it.


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