He threw an adult tantrum because I didn't want to play Gears of War with him. I have played the game with him multiple times, but I personally don't like it because he always puts it on the most difficult level there is. I like to play video games that I can last longer then 5 minutes in. So I told him that I didn't want to play and he threw the control (which I bought) into the wall across the room and then kicked his xbox 360 and started saying how I don't care about him and am obviously too busy to pay any attention to him. I then reminded him that he's doing it again; wanting everything to be on his time. Literally the only time he'd want me to be on the computer is when he's on the computer, when he plays video games I play them with him, when he's hungry I get him something to eat and eat as well, when he goes to sleep I go to sleep. That's how he wants the relationship to be. He complains to me constantly about having space and doing things on our own rather then with each other, but whenever I do that or even attempt to do that he suddenly wants all of my attention and to do things together, yet whenever I want to do something together he's too busy or doesn't feel like it. When the hell is he going to learn that not everything is about him and the world doesn't stop just because he wants it to.

So he ended up selling his xbox and all of the games and what-nots because "Every time you (me) don't want to play with me (him), I (him) get upset and it's causing a wedge between us." I thought 'ok, he's identifying'. Then on the entire way there and back and up until 15 minutes ago he was still upset and crap. When we got home from selling it he left for a walk and his brother wanted me to play pool with him (he's never asked me to do anything with him, and rarely ever talks to me) and during the game of pool he tried to see what was wrong (apparently I wear my emotions on my sleeve). And he agreed that my boyfriend was being childish and comforted me. So ya…my boyfriend came back after the walk and just went upstairs and just sat on his computer chatting with his 'friends'. Which honestly, I love that he's doing things on his own, go a head, let him chat with whoever, let him do whatever, just let him do it on his own every once in a while.

On a good note though, we might be getting a new car. The old one is on its last leg, so we are planning on using his money to get a new car and my money to move out. But we're only going to get a new one if the old one has problems beyond repair or too expensive to repair.

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  1. lovely91 12 years ago

    maybe you shoud try to find your boyfriend a friend to play video games with or try to play something that isnt to hard and last a very long time like world of warcraft or runescape or something like that.

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