It has been awhile since I have posted on this site. I've been working with a start-up company and inventing a new system dealing with my major in geophysics. I know if I succeed, I will turn not just my family's life around but all those involved with the start-up. It though has been allot of stress and allot of hours. Normally ten to fourteen hours a day, every single day. I guess I am going a little stir crazy with it all and have countless hours of work to go. Also seeing the mounting bills stresses me out further, though I know that in a month they will be all taken care of. I guess also every time I make an stupid mistake it also gets to me. I only can blame myself for not thoroughly making sure I did it correct, can't blame myself in any other way (like calling myself stupid) since I know that is not so. I've grown up knowing I have an high intelligence knowing my IQ from a young age. But it was in the recently my mother told me my real IQ (apparently I've been going off the test when I was eight). So it is odd knowing that I have the mental capabilities to do what I am achieving. I guess I'm a bit stressed since for once I am pushing my mind to the point it can go. Yet at the same time I wish there was others in the world I could consult and talk to. Though once this project is over, I am really considering enrolling into MIT since this work has pushed me so much that way. Maybe I will meet people and make friends that I can actually feel comfortable and capable of speaking with on ideas and inventions. I've never been able to find a friend like that. I know it would be so beneficial to my son also since in all reality he follows myself on such prospective more then his mother. Just so much going through my mind. So little sleep for so many months.


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