So I go see my therapist tonight. That's good news for me. I'm so dang flaky right now! I cancelled my appointment with the representative of the company that I'm interested in working for ~ but I'm meeting with them tomorrow instead. I decided at the last moment that I was going to go Christmas shopping instead, because Aaron will be home and up tomorrow, so I can't buy his gifts then. I knocked out most of the presents though, so that's really good.

I have decided that I am addicted to my fish tank and buying new fish. It's not a good thing…I'm driving my husband bonkers with it. And it's only a 10 gallon tank, lol. But I really love it and it gives me creative license. It's like making a fairytale world that I can escape into when I'm feeling stressed or anxious. I just lie on the bed and watch for awhile and peacefulness seems to creep in slowly. It's a wonderful thing to have. I bought a Kuhli loach (he looks like a miniature eel) and a couple more Danios for the school of them. I swear I'm done! (Unless of course some of them die…). 🙁

So today has been fairly good. I'm not feeling anxious much and I haven't taken a nap, so those are good signs. Maybe I was just having a couple of down days due to the hypomanic episode I went through. Very possible I guess.My son will be home from school soon and I'll have to go meet him at the bus stop as usual ~ I hope he had another good day. I felt guilty this morning because even with 2 alarms going off we both overslept. But I got him to school on time anyway. YES!!! 😉

For the first time today there is some sunlight. It's been gray and misting all day long, raining lightly at times and just foggy others. Weird weather; I wonder if we've got a cold front coming through? It is cooler than it's been and there's a wind from the North today, so that would signal another front. Fine with me, I like bundling up in booties and sweaters and fuzzy pants. I wish we had a fireplace in this house…I miss that aspect of our old home. But we've always got the ability to do a campfire in the pit out in the yard. Besides, there we can cook hot dogs and smores and other yummy stuff.

Well, that's all for now I think. I may do a second blog if there's anything big that happens this evening at my therapy session or if I'm REALLY bored tonight, lol. I like to ramble, I know.

Thank you to all that responded to my last blog so positively ~ it made me feel so much better that you feel like that. I know I shouldn't need validation from others, but it's important to me that my friends here are comfortable. Have a blessed day and love and light to you all.

~ Key

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  1. Andie372 9 years ago

    Hope you get some release at ur therapy session. Sounds like u have a lot of energy still.

    Fish tanks are known to bring anxiety levels down. I got a fish for mt granddaughter, just a Beta. I enjoy him though.

    Misty and rainy here. Blah.

    Since we're practically neighbors, call me when u have those s'mores, lol

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