My girls went to their grandmothers the other week and came home with a personal scrapbook each, filled with pictures of my ex and his side of the family. There were still some empty pages and the girls started asking me over and over if they could finish their books off here at home with pictures from my side of the family so that their books would have all the people they loved in it. It was a fair request so I said ok and we went out and got some craft stuff from the Dollar store and I went into the closet and pulled out this old box I had that was filled to the brim with old photos going back years, in some cases generations. We sat down at the table going through like a hundred pictures. I found so many pictures of the girls when they were babies and tots and very little, we would look at each picture and I would tell them the story that went with the picture. Some stories I had had forgotten until I saw the pictures. We spent hours around the table looking at pictures and me telling stories and us laughing. Then we picked the pictures they wanted and prepared their scrap books and finished them off. (turned out pretty good). All those pictures brought back so many memories. It was incredible to see just how much my girls had changed and grown in so few years. They get so big so fast, they years just fly by and then your baby is not a baby anymore. In a way it almost makes me sad. One day they will be moving out and having babies of their own and I will be looking at those pictures again and wondering where my babies went to.

  1. suelo 12 years ago

    ah bless ya,  wait till you get grankids too, thats even more full filling, but i know what ur saying, they grow up so quick, xx

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  2. dbrady1023 12 years ago


    How old are your children?  I know how it feels to look at pictures and have memories porr back into your mind.  Thank you for your request to be a friend to me.  I definately need friends to talk to and bounce things off of.  I was married for a long time and had only 1 child.  A boy.  A beautiful bouncing baby boy.  He was the light of my life, altho at the time I am not sure I realized how important he was in my life.  It seemed my life was complete, we had 2 cats and a beautiful baby.  But down the road my ex had betrayed me by being with another woman and I decided I was not having that….We divorced and the proceedings went on for 2 years.  2 Long years.  To make a long story short he was given custody of our son I had to pay child support and was hauled into court 170 different times.  After going thru all of that I woke up one morning and believe that the lord told me that it was time for me to let go.  And I did.  I had peace with that decision then and I still do.  Only because I have been thru some rough times I mean really difficult times and I believe that God knew all that was in front of me.  If wasnt fair for my son to suffer for my life”s challenges.  And they were bad.  His dad loves him and I know he is safe but I feel hollow inside knowing that I am not there to comfort him or to be part of his life.  I wonder does he think about me?  Does he remember me? At one point I was behind 3 weeks in my child support and as a result ended up in jail at the hands of the man b4 god I pledged to love for a lifetime.  Now granted I was only there overnight but it was enough for me!  I often wonder if he realizes what he really did to me.  I didnt betray him.  Anyway. the reason I am telling you this, is because Your children should be your anchor in your life.  They are the reason you need to keep strong and strive to be a good mom.  They should keep you centered with where you need to be.  For them.  The fact that your fiance wanted to call off the marriage and then a week later wanted a baby proves that he is not stable, and clearly not thinking straight.  You need to get on firm ground emotionally first.  As does he.  I have been there done that before.  I am speaking from experience.  You need to take care of you first for your children”s sake first.  There are a few suggestions I would give you but you need to be able to hear them and b4 I give them to you you need to be able to hear them first. 

    I will pray for you and ask God to lead you in your decisions.  To give you strength when life gets challenging.  You need to do whats best for your family.  Is this man a good father?  How does he treat you? 




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