October 4th is the first anniversary since my grandma passed away. I miss her so much but life moves on…I guess. We all thought she'd live to be older. Her mother was 95 when she passed away. Longevity was in her genes. I was sure she'd live to be a great-grandma. But God called her home before then.
I'm trying my best not to feel angry at God for taking her when He did but it's hard. I wasn't in the room with her when she passed away, I was in the basement taking a shower. Not being with her in her last moments has really bothered me. My mom and brother were with her though, that's a good thing.
Since her passing, we have lost some pets and have gained some. I say this because my grandma loved animals. She would have loved Gracie, my dog. She's very calm, most of the time.
My grandma was deaf but she could speak and read lips. She also knew sign language. She taught me a little bit. I felt special because her daughters didn't know much, they didn't need to know sign language because she read lips so well. Anyway, I liked to learn and she liked to teach me.
She was very beautiful and had many boyfriends 🙂 She met my grandpa when they lived in the same apartment complex. They had two children: my aunt and my mother.
My grandma had three grandkids: me, my brother and my cousin. She lived in Florida with us and moved back to Georgia a year after we did.
July 10th was the day that would change our family's lives. It was the day the doctor told us my grandma had lung cancer. She had a mass over her heart and a mass in each lung. She was wheelchair bound at the time of the news and the doctor explained because of her already weakened state that chemo would be too evasive.
The next few months were hard for her. She slowly lost her abilities. She was very independent before she was diagnosed. And losing her ability to walk and eventually feed herself was very hard on her.
My grandma loved watching the moon. My mom put her to bed each night and made sure she could see it if it was visible. She passed away on a night that the moon was full. Though she was sleeping as she went to heaven, I'm sure she knew the moon was full.
I will always remember her strength and her love for her family. I love you grandma and miss you so much

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  1. claudius_67 11 years ago

     She will always be with you, in your heart, your thoughts and memories and part of her flows through your veins now.  I don't know whether you have children or no but she will also be in any that you have or may have in the future.  I've just gone past the tenth anniversary of my father's death.  Cancer took him from this life earlier than any of us had expected him to die.  Part of him lives on in us and his grandchildren, in all of the things he taught us.  Your grandma taught you sign language and I'm sure so much else besides.  You will never lose her completely and as time passes you will smile more than cry when you think of her.  Dave  🙂

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