Alright, So this will be a quick post. Because this is one thought that can't leave my mind (out of many others), But i'll update you on how the day went, and other news in another post..

Anyway, This is about Ali. earlier tonight I got a text message (this message is one of those sent to multiple people, It's like a chain letter almost..) Anyway, Got this from my friend Carolyn,.

So, I sent it back to her, as well as Kim and Maddie them letting them know I also care, the message had a picture that said "Please Don't Leave Me" then the message said

"I care about you today, Tomorrow and the rest of my life, You and Me til the end!!! 😀 Forward this to everyone you care about, If you don't get one back from the person you sent it to, , The person doesn't care…"

I haven't gotten a response from Kim or Maddie though…And my paranoia and anxiety is getting to me, What if they don't care?

and also…Even though I know she won't reply, I fwd one to Ali because I could never hate her, I still love her as my friend and I want her to know that…

Even though she doesn't care…Thats one reason why she dumped me, Right? My heart aches still, and I cry at anything that reminds me of her. On top of everything else, This is unneeded stress yet I can't get it out of my mind.

I was thinking…Of sending her a message (text or e-mail)…Basically explaining how I feel towards her, And just how I feel towards this whole situation, and how much it hurts me she left me hanging for TWO months before I found out, and I want to know why she did it, Why she left, Was I just to much?

and basically…I guess just to say goodbye and try to get the closure I feel I so desperately need, Even though I know she won't reply to the letter, So i'm not sure what good it will do?

I'm confused..I suck when it comes to getting my thoughts and feelings across…Honestly…What does everyone else think? Should I write that letter, Just to try to get clousre and put it behind me?

There's SO much more going on (as you can obviously see) and I feel like i'll just explode if I anything else goes wrong…Witch it probably will..

P.s- Sorry, I didn't feel like posting a drawing right now…Maybe in my next entry..


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