Ok, so i met the freakin mother theresa of the petworld and she is taking care of my furbabies for a month. Shes actually taking them to her own home and i have no worries that theyll be safe..happy? maybe not, but safe, yes. She runs this kennel full of street cats and dogs and rescues ones about to be put to sleep. She basically devotes her life to animals , and shes allergic so you know shes serious about these guys. It was so cute , she had maybe 100 of them in this small place and they all had their own little hangouts. She really is an awesome person for doing this and it was so last min and by luck that i cought her at the right time. I was literally calling one last place as a last resort and if it didnt work out i was going to have to find a no-kill private agency to bring them to. I know for a fact, despite what they tell you, your animals will be put to sleep in a matter of 24 hours or less, in some cases if theyre not babies or very young. Its just the way it goes b/c of teh over population. If you look at it logically youd know they dont wait long to put them down considering the slew full of animals that come in per day. So that being said, I was in the middle of explaining my stuation on the answering machine and she picked up and said "ill take care of them, but theyll get too depressed in the kennel so i have to take them home with me"
Yeah, that was pretty unexpected considering most places woudl take no less than $14 a night, which i coudlnt afford for a month. She just said shed take a donation and hell yeah ill give a donation. The place is run by donations so i gave her 100 bucks from my savings and 20 bucks for miscelaneous stuff like food etc. I think thats a pretty decent donation. I hope she doesnt think i stiffed her :/ I dont think she would. *sigh* glad i got that all sorted out. It was pretty hard to leave them b/c they have no idea if im coming back, how would they know? I also forgot to bring something with my scent on it so i feel bad about that but i know theyll get over it in a few days. They adapt pretty easily since i've moved a lot. I can always visit them too. Anyway guys, thank you so much for all the support! It just feels nice to know some people give a crapola.

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  1. lisa 16 years ago

    Yes  we do give a crapola!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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