As the days go by

I grow weaker and weaker

I watch the vines

Like beautiful twisting snakes

As they wind up my arms and down my legs

Binding me to the cool, damp Earth

Mildew and rose seeds fill my lungs

Leaving me breathless

Blood bubbles up in my mouth as the roses grow up and out

The thorns scraping my throat and making it bleed

The crimson waterfall passing my lips and sparkling like a thousand rubies

Falling and dampening the Earth beneath me

My eyes fall closed as one last tear trickles down my cheek


I watch as the last of me decays

My bones are only together by snaking vines and beautiful flowers

The roses thriving from my skeletal form

I stoop down and caress my cheek

Now devoid of warmth and life

Showing such tender love and care

That no one else ever bothered to show

Lest you find me

I beg you, please be gentle with my corpse.



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  1. deadsoulx 7 months ago

    heyyy what happened?? you okay , honey ??

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