15 m have come and passed and the baby is doing so much, she escapes the little barricaded safety section we have for her (affectionately labelled baby prison) And it is just like that a prison break. She gets sneaky finding a week spot or an small opening and working her way through it secretly well no one is looking until its time to make a run for it and then it’s patter-patter of little feet on the floor as she blots as fast as those little legs will carry her right for the kitchen or right up the stairs. (yep she’s climbing stairs now too) And when she sees that you’re coming after her she shrieks and tries to get away. Another failed jail break and back behind the barricaded. You can just see her little mind plotting her next escape. Lol. Then there are the verbal skills they are coming along nicely too. She waves and says hi, bye, night, bottle and a handful of other useful communication words. She can say mommy and daddy but for some reason she refuses to call Jay daddy. Nope he is mommy and that is all there is to it in her mind. The cat is daddy. Lol. She likes to read…oh how excited she gets when we change the page, she points at every single thing on the page and asks “what’s that?” (It’s only cute the first 50,000,000 times. Then it starts to wear thin.) She likes to hide but when you call her name no mater where she is you’ll hear her little voice chime back “What?” and yester day at supper she learned a new word. We were eating and she asked “What’s that?” Pizza we said. “Num-num pizza.” she sounds just like and Ewak… Nub-Nub.


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