Sooo in June I graduate and get to go the the dominican republic with my dad and thennnnnnn =) =) I get to got to Japan for 2 weeks!!!! to help with the disaster relief!!! This is seriusly like a life long dream of mine…I cannot believe I get to go….soo the only catch is its like 7000 dollars…yeah so I'm taking a year off before college. Which alot of people dont go back to college but my parents like wont let me get a job so I dont have an income so I will always feel compelled to go to college.. I mean I'm 18 (almost) so there will be nothing they can do…but they are paying for the trip so 8shrugs* I'll do whatever they say…besides they give me enough money for babysitting anyways….

Soooo what will I be doing the year I'm off of college? Well in August my mom gets married (more like a union ceremony so the government wont screw us out of college grants) annnd then I will be volunteering all year. I'm joing BBBS to get a little sister and then over the course of the year I plan to help with alot of walks- like the ones for research- by running a sign up table or whatever they need me to do =) I may start volunteering to go and visit people at a retirement home.I'm also going to be volunteering at a cat shelter that never puts a cat down about 2-3 a week!

All of this makes me unbelieveably happy because its like even though life seriously sucks for me and it feels like alot of people are working against me I'm not going to sit back and watch humanity destroy itself like so many others are content to do. This is the last day I shrug and say we are going down hill so why bother? Just because I'm depressed doesn't mean someone else has to be. If I can help any one or any animal just a little then at least I wont be a useless waste of space!

Also I just found out I got a 21 on my ACT =)

thanks for reading and if you know of any virtual volunteering opportunities or colunteering stuff in Ohio that I can help with let me know =)

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  1. borntired 12 years ago

    Awesome plans

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