When all this started happening I wasn’t sweating it and was feeling ok. for once Iw aunt freaking out about what could happen. Once the orders started getting more strict here in the L.A. area where I live, I began to get some terrible anxiety, dread, paranoia, etc. I started feeling better as I started to do excercise and work on getting my diabetes under control and watching what I eat. that’s been doing ok for the most part. not perfect but alot better. The da before yesterday I have once again started feeling depressed and just really blah. I have been dealing with different health issues over the past few years,  couples surgeries and this mental health stuff. I have been struggling to just get all that stuff under control. I have joined a support group for women who also struggle with health issues and it has been helpful. I sometimes though I just feel like I can’t relate to any of them even though we do have alot of things in common. I feel paranoid about sharing too much about myself and my mental health issues. I do share but dont over share. I just feel like I need to talk to more like minded people. I feel so alone sometimes because my though I am a loner and introvert I also need to talk to people. wheather that ve in person or online. now that we are not allowed to go outside I feel like the plans that I had to go out more and connect with people has me feeling alone. I wanted to do more 5han I have. I work and go to school but dont do much for myself anymore. Nothing fun. I miss live music shows and like I said connecting with people. I need people to talk to and have some but idk. I’m just feeling needy I guess

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  1. haphapa 1 year ago

    Tell me bow you feel now. Let’s talk…

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