So not only do I hate my new place I don't care to much for my landlord…I asked that they change the locks…and they where supposed to get ahold of me when they where going to do that. I came homelast night around midnight…I did a whole lot of laundry at my dad's and visited with my step mom who had been in the hospital and just came home on Friday…so I get home and I see that the light is on that lights my stairway… I go to the door and realize that they changed the locks..never once calling me to let me know when they where the door opened. it wasn't locked….so i go up the stairs thinking that they probably left the door knob unchanged up at the top of the stairs because now I don't have a key….nope it was UNLOCKED… so I start to FREAK THE FRACK OUT…I turn on the lights all the lights as I look every where for someone hiding I am crying and pissed off… I lock doors I check and recheck doors to make sure they are locked… so this, this is bullshit I was I even looked in the stove for someone and under the sinks… okay so I know logically no one would be in the stove or fridge but I had to look…I checked every closet and behind every door….What if they put up cameras and they want to watch me…I trust no one…someday I will get one of those DTA stars tattooed on me… I didn't call my landlord or text her or anything today because I would not have been nice… so it was windy last nite and the sign outside my bedroom window which is huge and says the name of the party store I live above was banging in the wind… 3:26am still awake… I am so mad I want to call my landlord and invite her over so that she can't sleep either…so this morning I call a lawyer to see if I can do anything to get out of this lease… I have been here 17 days.. I could get more info out of him if I retain him for $2000.00 I CAN"T AFFORD THAT AND I CAN"T AFFORD TO STAY HERE………….. I WILL GO MAD…. Does anyone know anything about what I could do here… I have never had any thing like this happen anywhere I have ever rented before…I'm going to see if I can find someone to do this pro bono if anyone does things to help anyone else out anymore…P.S. I live in Michigan…any lawyers on here who can relate to the feelings I felt when the doors where UNLOCKED… How long where they Unlocked? I am angry…

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  1. Misconceptions 12 years ago

    I know. When I had moved out, I hadn't anticipated what a jerk my own landlord would be. Of course, he's not that bad, he doesn't intrude or touch anything really. But he turns down our heat before it's warm outside and he didn't do anything when we complained about our neighbours constantly blasting music. Thankfully, the police took care of them for us.

    Most places will allow you to get rid of the lease IF you can get someone else to take up the lease and your contract. See if in your original contract they offered that option to you. Here, I think there's no reason why they can't legally allow you to do so. I'd definitely look into it AND start advertising your place. You may have to lie and may feel guilty about giving someone else your place but hey, maybe they'll have better luck.


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