a couple of weeks ago i messaged this girl to hangout (we had hungout before during the summer and she has been hinting on wanting to see me), she didn't reply and then a few days later, she sends me a text and i didn't respond and a couple days after that she send another message and i don't respond again.

she probably realized that i got upset over this and she left me a voicemail in a really cute voice how sorry she is, she claimed that was on holidayin the US so she couldn't text as she would get charged. she says that she misses me and wants to hang out again cause it feels like forever that she has seen me and tells me to call her to make plans.

i didn't call her, i just texted her, obviously fell into her trap, she says lets make plans to hang out. she calls me at 6 am the next day but i was sleeping and didn't pick up. I called her in the afternoon just to figure out what happened and of course she doesn't pick up so i text her wanting to know when we will hang out.

again she took forever to message back, like past midnight saying sorry that it took long for her to answer, she wanted to know what my schedule is like so i told her that i am busy cause of examsand that in the evening is the only time i have to chill because I had a lot of exam taking place around this time, she said in the evening she can, but she will be studying in the day, hinting that she might not able to make it, later on in the evening, she then texts me saying sorry that she has too much studying to do and wants to meet up at a different time.

So I got played which really pissed me off !!

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  1. neverafailure 6 years ago

    In experience of what i'm not proud of, leading guys on. Keep in mind you could just be a back up, if the guy she is seeing at the moment doesn't work out. You seem like a really nice guy and i don't want too see you getting hurt over it. Maybe give her an ultimatum? or just tell her bluntly to either catch up with you or don't. 
    Don't stress to much over it, in the end it may not even be worth it 🙁 

    all the best, xo

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