Hey yall…it\'s ME again! I wish I could have a positive blog for once!!

I just want to put something out there that has been weighing heavily on my heart. Basically I don\'t have any close friends…Well, I do.have a few that I have met here that are AMAZING people and I am thankful for your friendship. I\'m lucky to have you in my life. You have made me laugh and you have listened to my worries and you have given so much support. You ROCK! I hope that I can give all that in return.

What is bothering me tonight is the loss of a friendship that has spanned over 20 years. This person who I called my friend for so many years doesnt think I am worth her time anymore. It has been so hard to maintain a friendship with this person because of my illness, mental health issues and my children keep me busy too. She always wanted to go out and do things and I just couldn\'t. So I guess it is mainly my fault. Although I feel conflicted…if she were any kind of friend, shouldnt she have tried to accomodate me by coming by my house to visit occasionally? Or answer my phone calls? They may not have been that often, but I tried when i could. She got engaged to be married last month and never told me. No phone call, text, not even a message on my Facebook. I found out tonight she posted an announcement on her FB on Valentines Day. Every important event in our lives we always made sure the other person was one of the first to know.

It just hurts that she didnt tell me. Am I expecting too much? Maybe I am being overly sensitive? Am I being a selfish whiner? Am I making this out to be all about me? Maybe it is my own fault that I wasn\'t thought about?

I should just quit playing pity party and be happy for her and just move the hell on. I just miss the friendship we had when we were close.

Thanks for reading friends. I appreciate all of you.
Love to all. XOXO

  1. jamesFake 12 years ago

    Maybe she thinks you are busy with new friends and worried if she disturb you. let her know she is your important person:)

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  2. Silverdust 12 years ago

    I have heard it said some friends are not meant for an entire lifetime. Some might be. I guess we just need to know which ones to let go and which ones to stay with?

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  3. Mo 12 years ago

    Just my little opinion; you are NOT expecting too much or being overly sensitive. You are human. I\'m sorry she is not in your life in the capicity she once was. My best frind of 27 years hasnt returned my phone calls in 4 months (i think?) I finally let it go. I don\'t know why we arent in contact…I\'ve tried to \”keep up with it\” on my end. It\'s sad and I miss her. As you already know; I don\'t have alot of friends since moving. I am so grateful for you.
    Someone told me once when i was missinng a relatively new friend that I had become close to: \”the only thing that never changes is change.\” He said people will move in and out of your life all your life so get used to it. Tough pill to swallow- dang it tho he was right! oops- i bet that wasnt very comforting. Lets get together and Pity Party!!!!

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  4. Mo 12 years ago

    BTW – keep those blogs coming positive or negative- you are in the #2 position right now! Almost on your way to a dozen roses, a satin sash and a tiara loaded with manmade \”diamonds\” lol.

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  5. coolbeans 12 years ago

    Hang in there harobed, I don\'t think you are being overly sensitive at all, I would definitely be hurt if my friend stopped taking my calls and didn\'t let me know she was engaged. I would try to give her a call and if she doesn\'t answer maybe leave her a message saying that you miss talking to her. If she is within driving distance maybe you could suggest getting together for lunch sometime or invite her over for dinner or something? If she\'s too busy to bother, then I would grieve the loss and try to move on the best you can. It always hurts when these kind of things happen, but we can\'t control other people\'s actions. Take care of yourself.

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