I know it's different for some of you, what the triggers are for your SA, but with me, one thing that majorly contributes is the feeling of being hurried along or rushed.


Let me give a few examples for clarity on this.

For one, traffic. Like heavy traffic. People are so rude and impatient and just plain retarded when driving. Like you have to keep a lookout because the guy up front looks like he's about to pull out in front, causing you to slam your breaks just to avoid an accident. You speed up faster to discourage him to 'yank' out like that, thinking 'wtf? it would have been one second. does Bubba have a fire to go to?'? BUT, I let it slide off.


Then, say I finally get to a grocery store or department store or restauraunt, or wherever I'm going. There are like 80 customers. All I'm thinking in my mind is a simple 'walk in, make order, done with it' transaction. Predictable. Now, if it's so busy that the minute I 'step in line' one or a bunch of people gather behind me, it helps add to my feeling like I have to be in a hurry or something. I try not to think this way, but by nature, this is one of my 'triggers' for my SA. When I have impatient people behind me, it's even worse. And when I try to just 'brush it off', more often it distracts me from what many would call 'common sense' and I do dumb things to the point of clumsiness, awkwardness or outright stupidity.


I have always also hated the notion that because someone might be a little slow at certain things that they were stupid. Einstein sucked at Math. Many times, the skills that 'get you ahead' in the world, dealing with 'quick thinking' have nothing to do with deep thinking as many people who get ahead are dumbasses in other ways, but just confident. More 'social' intelligence, I guess.


I know the 'rushed' feeling is something I need to 'get over' and many say they never let themselves feel that way, but the same exact thing could be said of SA. I was just wondering if anyone here identified.




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