hi guys! i need some help so if anyone has some information I would realllllly appreciate it.. so ive been having major anxiety attacks for the past 5 months or so.. everyday multiple times a day.. ive been to the hospital, doctors, had tests done etc… ive had my thyroid checked twice through blood testing and it came back negative… but recently i found a doctor and went to him who also suggested it could be a thyroid after checking it out in the office he sent me to get an ultrasound during which i asked the ultrasound tech if it looked ok to her. she told me the test results will go to my doctor and i have an appointment with him in a week. but she told me it DID look enlarged to her…and i was sooooooooo happy! i know, who would be happy with a thyroid problem right? somebody with anxiety disorder who is desperate to find a cure.. thyroid= treatment and maybe ease some of the anxiety and panic…so i was real excited and happy. then i went to my psychologist and being happy about it, and thinking i finially might have found a cure told him about it… he told me from what he sees in my anxiety patterns it doesnt seem to him its caused by a thyroid and even if my thyroid is enlarged he doesnt think treating it will help with my anxiety…back to being sad 🙁

then i got to thinking..i pay this guy about $150 a week for therapy..obviously he wouldnt want me to be cured and not need him anymore…i dont know if im giving myself hope or this thyroid thing could really be the answer..if anyone has info to share please please do so i would appreciate it so so so much!! thank you all who took the time out to read my blog


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