Recently me, my boyfriend and his family were having a discussion and the topic of religion came up. I don't have a religion, I have beliefs, but no religion. My boyfriend's family is Christian, they're what I like to call hardcore Christians, they attend church, follow the bible line by line, and believe that what is in the bible is fact and truth, it is not to be argued with and whatever their church asks for or tells them to do must be done because their church is the only church that is real and has a real connection with god. His little brother doesn't want to follow Christianity but has to since he still lives at home. My boyfriend follows a VERY mild form of vampirism, which the ultimate goal is for your soul to become immortal (constantly being reborn, life after life) and to open your mind to it's full potential, there's more but that can lead to a whole nother blog and discussion. Anyways…

I don't really see the point in having a set religion if your beliefs and morals and values don't go with a religion exactly. I was raised Catholic but then the church told my mom that no matter what "her and her bastard children" were going to Hell because she was divorced and a single mother. My mom still made all of us go to sunday school until we reached highschool, and then we had a choice to either go or not, and all of us stopped going. Then after that  my mom just made sure that we had access to whatever religion we wanted to learn about.

His mom and her friends thought that I was still Catholic, which I'm not, but every time I talk to them they try to get me to go to their church and convert. No one in my family is religious, more or less we all have the same beleifs when it comes to god: No matter where you are god will hear your prayers, as long as you live your life to the best you know how then after this life you'll be rewarded, once you have kids you put them first, if you're a bad mother/father then you're going to go to Hell. And bad mother/father counts as you putting yourself, other people or objects a head of your children.

And ya, I still have morals that are based off of the catholic beleifs, but I don't think they're bad. Be faithful to your partner, don't steal, don't murder, don't abuse people, don't rape, don't molest, don't be a pedophile (catholic church doesn't really follow that one lol sorry, just had to add that one lol), but you get the point, just don't be a bad person. And one thing that I have a problem with is that his mom and her friends are trying to push their religion on me but to me, I think that his mom should be the last one telling me how to be a good person. She has literally left her kids to go 'praise god', she puts her religion before her children, her family, everything, and I have a problem with that.

But I guess it also bothered my boyfriend, because he thought that I didn't believe in anything. To be honest, I think that unless I followed a religion where it was ripping unborn children from their mother's wombs and eating it infront of the mother, I don't really think it should matter whether or not I beleive in anything. But I do have beliefs, I beleive that if you live this life the best way that you can and that you try your hardest to make your childrens' lifes better then your own then you'll be rewarded when you die (there's a few smaller things in there, but that's basically the main goal). I beleive in the grandfather clock view when it comes to god; basically god set a few things up and sat back and watched, every once in a while he goes in there and tworks things a bit, but for the most part he just sits back and watches. I believe that no matter how much you make your life better there will always be tests, things that will test your patience, things that will test you strength, you willpower, your belief, your love, everything. Sorry, rambling a bit, but I could write a frekaing book on what I beleive when it comes to god and stuff lol

But I guess the main point is, if you live a good life and don't do anything bad then does it really matter what and if you have a religion?


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