Can i tell you how i feel?
When i wake up,
How scared I get when i hear things in the night?
How i want to run away
So i can make things right?

How I feel so lonely and sad
When I see other people hurting,
I kinda feel glad..
That Im not alone,
Hurting by myself,
Others turning to me,
Needing my help.

Locked in my thoughts,
and thinking of you,
It pains me to think of what you put me through,
All the torture,embarressment, hurt and pain,
How I wish it was you right here,
So you can see what you have done.

Maybe one day, Ill be stronger,
Not such a weak idiot,
Maybe one day i wont fall for people like you,
Who hurt me and make me sad,
Ill find someone who wants me
as much as I wanted you.

I never thought you would do this,
Never thought It would hurt this badly,
but nothing was ever meant,
I dont believe you when you said you loved me,
I dont believe you ever stayed faithful,
All i was to you
was another girl.

Well now your just another guy,
That loser I dated,
Everyone thought you were that nice guy,
I guess nothing is perfect.

You made me feel like nothing else,
No one has picked me up,
made me feel good,
you did.
And now what?
Im waiting for that day to end.

Just by looking at me you made me weak,
Made me quiver when you speak.
I just want to call to hear your voice,
say I love you
I just wish you didnt make that choice

I sometimes dream that you are here,
You make my tears dissapear,
Kiss my lips,
and hold my hand,
Make me stop crying,
and hold me tight,
just so that I can finally turn on the light,
Make me happy,
put a smile on my face,
Just so that I know my place.

I see my ring, and hear your voice,
your promise to be trustworthy,
never lie, or cheat,
but to be that guy
I loved and wanted so badly.

Did you really love me?
Did you honestly care?
I loved you with everything I had,
and it killed me to know i made you sad,
cause you made me the happiest girl,
I needed you,
You were my whole world,
Now it seems over,
And you dont care,
how everything seems different
when your not there.

So im coming up to be 20,
and all i want is you,
Hoping you will make me happy,
Hoping that you will be true,
I never thought i would love someone for so long,
wanting them more each day,
Every time i see you,
I always hope and pray,
That one day you will cross your fingers,
Hold me close and tight,
Say I want you to be my girl,
and never leave my side.

I guess I can but dream,
Of us and you and me,
but that will never happen,
I guess I can but dream.

Kimi x



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