before i got help for my anxiety and depreshion i wrote poetry to feel better i was looking thrrough my old poems and saw my first one i wrote it when i was sturgling to talk to my family who couldnt seem to want to hear me to see that i was struggling that i was not ok because they expected perfection the modle child the golden example the presher was… is so much and i wanteed to screem and rage at them but i coudlnt becausee that behavior wasnt aloued so i maseked it and poored it into my pen into my poem.

rage   by Hestia

Place the mask of steal on your face 

Cold indifferent hiding how you feel keeping you in your place 

Gaging your words that wish to spill past your lips

Things you can not say because you must be silent 

Agree and be compliant 


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  1. aquazium 1 year ago

    That’s a very descriptive poem. I like it! thanks for sharing!

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