The guys I live with and work for said I am going to be the fun for some guys on their houseboat, for the weekend.  It is a biz trip for me since I’m the sales person.  They told me other girls didn’t work out cuz all they did was party and use drugs so they couldn’t be trusted and were not reliable.  They said I am perfect for this type of work.  I’m a hoe, I don’t mind being a hoe, and I have fun with the guys.  Best part is I’m not into drugs so I’m reliable.

I’m not sure how I feel about what they said.  I mean, yeah, I like sex.  I’m horny a lot of the time, I’ve done things with groups of guys but telling me I’m hoe and I don’t mind being a hoe, that sucks and kinda hurts.   They aren’t telling me how many guys will be part of this trip, is it just the 2 or 3 I know about or are others going to show up.  They just laffed like it was funny and said it’s all good, nothing I can’t handle. The got me like 7 jumbo boxes of condoms and a bunch of lube but said, condoms are optional, just make the sales.

Lucky me

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    beccasweet 2 years ago

    I know I dont make much sense. idk, I mean, I’ve been with guys doing things to me most of my life, so in a lot of way, it is all I kno. mom always called me a hoe, her b/f’s and those said I was a good little thing and now, cuz of necessity this is what I am and what I do. I just dont like being called the names.

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