After the last blog I posted a few days ago my dogs managed to cheer me up. My female dog Bella came out from hiding and licked literally every single tear off my face. Dogs can also be a woman's best friend. It was a rough day and a lot of crying and stress. I didn't have my medicine because I had left it at work and I don't live close. I guess not having it affects me more then I knew. I spent yesterday listening to Wayne Dyers manifesting your destiny, listening to him is very calming for me. It's a long seminar I've been listening to for two weeks now. Second time through. Each time I remind myself things that get lost in this crazy world and each time I learn something new. This time I learned to keep my sanity I will be needing to watch my two motivational speakers at least once a day for a small period of time. On days I don't life gets a hold of me and tears me apart. It's not just good enough to hear it once and remember it. My memory is horrible and I always revert back to old negative habits. It's like a addiction. You will fight that urge to go back, for your entire life. I feel much better today. Content I guess would be a good word. My father in law loaned us a little bit of cash, what a relief, having gas to get to work and food for the night. I have a lot of beliefs about this Satanic system put here to keep us down. But that's another story for another day. I'd probably just be perceived as crazy anyways since not a lot of people are aware of chemtrails, GMOs, and all the other many things they poison our minds with to keep us needing this so called "medicine" they also profit with and abuse us with. I think my ultimate goal is to live self sufficiently out in the country and get myself healthy enough to not need medicine anymore or anything else this government has to offer. But for today I'll just focus on the present, because that gives me a hell of a lot less anxiety. I'm just thankful my brain is calm today and I can focus on just merely the present. I hope everyone has an enjoyable day, try to focus on just this day, not tomorrow or yesterday!


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