Mum rang tonight, and for the 1st time in a while we actually had a good chat, she revealed she was quitting her job in about 3 weeks, which she is extremely happy about, apparantly all the females she works with are "backstabbing ungrateful b*tches" she is sick of the way this certain group treat people (including her)… little story, mum hada few hours to spare one day and offered to help these girls out with their job, which continued for about a week sinse mum didn't have anything to do for those few hours, come the next week mum had been given a job which took away those few extra hours so she didn't help the girls out, once they realised mum wasn't doing it, they kicked up a stink that she "wasn't doing her job" and complained to the site managers, which thankfully the managers appreciate mums work and defended her saying it's not her job to do their job and that she doesn't have time any more to lend a hand. Mum was pleased with the managers response lol. So we had a laugh and a b*tch, complained about banks (my problem) I had over estimated how much money I had left and found myself short for something and dreaded asking mum for a measily $10, but she didn't mind helping me out and offered to transfer $20 for me 🙂 certainly not the response I was expecting.

So now that mum is quitting, move house has been moved forward a few weeks, she was meant to go on holidays at the end of October any way, but decided she could wait that long and would just quit instead lol


It was good to have a good and propper chat with mum, she even thanked me for the chat and that she needed to release her frustration and she can't wait till her last week where she will tell every one what she thinks of them lol god I wish I could see it, I never see my mum get nasty, would be rather amusing to see it.


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