So here I am today. I went to wash my laundry.

My wash machine broke. I don’t have any clean laundry. . I work really long hours and the laundry  near me is over 25 miles away I’m exhausted physically and mentally. My job is always fucken with me.

Even if I had money for the repair right now my house is so horrible Because of my depression and everything that I’ve been going through my house exploded.


I’m breaking out with rashes from stress now

I’m going to be 50 soon. I’m at my ends rope and nobody will help me. The only good thing is that I’m not suicidal put a lot of people in my situation would.


I know the effects that suicide has and others. My son’s Father hung himself ice come from a very long line of badd luck… I mean really badd luck….. I don’t get a break


I had money once. But my chimney fall down I had my fence fell down . I had lost 17 trees in a microbursts . It Took out half my shed

My cars keep on breaking down. I need a transmission. I need rotors. My brake lights keep on coming on. No bathroom.. I live with dangerous electricity.  Now I cant clean my cloths

Nothing I can do will help me.

I’m at my end.  How do I keep on going

I don’t know what to do.

I get posted on my Facebook

I don’t want everybody knowing light business because nobody cares anyway.

I need to get out of my hoarding situation… Even though I’m not really hoarding it’s a bunch of dead people stuff… I don’t have time… I’m tired.. All I do is work… My back hurts so badd… I have depression I have Ixia the I’m shutting down… And nobody will help me I can’t get medical help.

I did everything.

So here I am posting here I know no hes gonna read this ship anyway.

That’s why i post here.





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