Tonight I logged on and had a message in my inbox from a Tribe member, it wrote something along the lines of that I am such an awful man for dragging my wife out of her home country,

To that tribe member, I don't know how you got the information you did, but she wanted to move. So put an egg in your shoe and beat it.

I then logged into the chat and expressed some anger about how SOME women write off all men for bad experience. Excuse that large word, some tribers seem have trouble reading.

I was then accused of having written off all women and that I should be a better person…Hmm…Doesn't that seem odd to you? Anyone remember that giant word I wrote? Oh yeah! Some, AKA NOT ALL!!!

So since this triber seems to have a full fledged gang of wing-women, who back her up I was imdiately baraged with PMs. Which if you're like me, you are leary of PMs since the other person can say whatever and get away with it. Which they did.

I was asked questions like "What do you have against women", and "Who are you to call women bad?"

"Case, don't look at "all" women being man-haters" Imediately after I said, someting along the lines of "I didn't say ALL women. Don't accuse me of saying things I didn't say."

She then went on to say "I didn't accuse "you" of anything."

What about this, [Name]?

Case, don't look at "all" women being man-haters

Now I bring this to the eyes of the people, which is kicking the hornets nest I ripped off the tree and threw to the ground, but I am ready. I am ready for every anti-man statement anyone can toss at me.

One more thing, don't the useless quotes in this sentence really bring you to a boil? 'Case, don't look at "all" women being man-haters'

1. It doesn't correctly reflect proper grammar.

2. It adds sort of a snarky tone to the sentence.

That my friends, comes from someone who is a proffesional at making people feel bad. People like this turn this Depressiontribe into Depressingtribe.


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