This drug, is just pure evil. I just read about it online, and I am very affraid. I read a study that showed young adults who sniffed 2 a day for 10 months, and they got: myocardial ischemia , pulmonary edema , and intracerebral hemorrhage.

I have been using this shit for 3 years, and I take about 10 a day.

I read the symptoms of intracerebral hemorrhage.and i have most of them…But Im too scared to get it checked out. im just getting worse and worse. But maybe ill feel better in the morning.

This drug is sold in kiosks and designated stores out in the open all over tel aviv right next to my work. every block sells them. And its cheap. very cheap. And hightly addictive. Out of all the drugs i ever did, and I know many people who tried alot of drugs for along time, this one is the worst.

Problem is. im hooked. and its been 12.5 hrs since my last fix. And im getting edgy, and I want more. If I miss work tomrow ill get fierd. But I am afraid that if I set foot in that evil city, 5 min after i get off the bus ill have 4 going up my nose, because I didn't take any all day, and all night, and i wont have my morning fix, so if ill break when i get off the bus, it won't be just 2.

And then what? Ill be sick again? ill pass out again? maybe ill run out of luck this time. I was close to the end today. What if tomorow will be the final straw?! I want to die. I can't handle this. I always knew I won't get married. wont have kids…for years i tol.d evryone that ill probably overdose before i get the chance.

If I get off that bus, or run out to buy in the middle of work…I wont make it till sunday…Because I know myself, I have money for 20…and they way my body feels right now, it'll be 10 up my nose, 10 in my hand…my stuopid straw that I have been using since i was 17 and a story in the local paper about the 25 year old flower that ODed in the bathroom at one of the most expencive office buildings in tel aviv….Im scared.


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