"There is more than one way to purify the soul. There is absolution and redemption, salvation and a means to and end." – James O'Barr

Many times in my life I've found myself stopping and being hit with the sudden realization that I feel wrong. One could even describe it as feeling inexplicably dirty and displeased with myself. Often it is because of hasty words that slip out of my mouth or a careless action. In fact, I am a very careless person in many respects of my life.

It is during these careless moments most of all that I suddenly feel the need for some kind of purification, and even more so that following night when I'm laying alone in bed with nothing to console me but my mind. The mind, however, is truly heartless.

Absolution: the need for forgiveness, whether it be from a person, a church or directly from one's god.

Redemption: the act of seeking to redeem oneself. This differs for each person. I choose to take my natural inclination towards self-sacrifice to an extreme.

Salvation: a deliverance from one's sins or destruction. A very cowardly and selfish scramble for safety.

A means to an end: this one needs no explanation. Think about it.

So what then, in all of this, is the grand point?

This is nothing but a commentary on the human condition and our alleged souls. In philosophy, the question of our soul has been a frequent topic for debate and exploration. Can such situations which spawn these four ways to purify the soul truly exist if a soul does not?

Do I believe in a soul? I believe in something. I have to. It hurts every day of my life from the burden of carrying this tumorous physical body of mine. Perhaps that is a bit melodramatic, but the strain is there.

I have no grand point, but perhaps you will find one for yourselves.

"…And if some of these axioms are of opposing polarities, there is, at least, some consolation in the fact that they have a common ground." – James O'Barr

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