My fragile mind seeps with groanings
as my soul comes in carroling in with it’s own moanings.
While the chorus of this disheartened song is
screamed out by all of my emotions that are
running so wild and rampant in my mind.

It’s a song that only the cursed can hear,
it’s the one with the troubled mind coupled
with a fearing ear that can even attempt to come
so near as to even hear.

What is this song that my whole being plays?
One of:
Cast out
and most of all Misunderstood
only the cursed can connect with me
if they only would.

Cursed from birth
most don’t realize the
magnitude or the size

It’s bigger than me or you
even during the darkest hours
there’s not much you can do.

Pride and shame keeps you from calling out for help yet
Your soul cries and your mind yelps
If those around doesn’t have the cursed ear
there will be no one to hear your screams they won’t understand that
you are sinking in an emotional quicksand.

I begin to panic and struggle trying to free
myrself.. I’m on my own.. this can’t be done.
The muck and mire are too deep all i can do is weep.

Weep for my children
Weep for faded days gone by
Weep cause this won’t ever end
so, I cry.

Now, I sit and wonder if there will ever be a day
when I’m no longer it’s victim or it’s prey.
I’m stuck in this mire I’m just so sick and tired
tattered,torn and frazzled from the fight this
battle I can not win it’s just my phlight.
As i sink further down, I look and see that
there’s no one around.

Depression and fear are my only freinds and
they are here to see me to my end.
I can do nothing until someone’s love
reaches down from above to help me pull myself up.

Surely, someone besides you dear Lord can see
the quicksand and what’s left of me.

One hand.

Who will reach down and help me to live,
I am empty I have nothing to give.
The one who wants to help me has to
believe and really wants me to live.

I hope sometime soon someone will see
what is left of me, I pray they will reach down to
hold my hand and not let go til at last the see me stand.

Standing I might be (smiling) no longer being sucked
down in my emotional quicksand.
You’ve helped me to be free

For now.

written by : Kimberly Allen a.k.a broken fairy 02/08/07

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  1. brokenfairy_38 15 years ago

    It’s day by day or maybe on some days it’s hour by hour. …
    Thanks again for all your nice comments. …. Kim

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