My name is Cheyanne Wilkerson. I am 13 yrs old and I live with my grandparents handicap uncle and sister. Most think that teens don’t know much but the truth is, we don’t. The real truth is we know enough to help people. When I was 2 I lived with my mom, dad and big brother. My dad was my moms pimp. He hit her and she let him hit me. My mom is basically a dope head. She drugged me all the time when I was with her. She had married my step dad. I had known him since I was a baby. he held me under the water when was 2 and tried to kill me. my mom let him and her dealers abuse me and assault me. I started cutting……… then when my brother turned 7 he moved in with his real dad and I moved in with my gm. I still cut. I wanna die but I know. it won’t make things better. my boyfriend dumped me because I cut………he had hit me before……a lot…… all he really wanted to do was get with me… the point is If you have been hurt more than once by somebody who doesn’t care, they are not worth crying over. Stay strong! It gets very hard at times but thats not a reason to end your life……….live long. be happy! If somebody doesn’t love you for you then screw them! not really! Remember if you get hurt talk to somebody trust me I know that keeping it bottled up doesn’t help at all it just makes things harder. You don’t have to turn to drugs or kill yourself or even cut. It won’t change who you are. You are amazing no matter what people say. Your beautiful. Stay strong!

  1. ng-mary 5 years ago


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  2. rujzxoxo 2 years ago

    youre so strong!!! thank you for sharing this!

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