Wow. Just another manic Monday. I guess they weren't kidding when they said "When it rains, it pours." I've got SOOO much going on in my life right now, dealing with my manipulative, hateful father-in-law; the big change in my life when my fiance moved in with me (I've NEVER lived with a significant other) the constant stress at my work, always having to have every hair in place and perfect pearly white teeth. Add on to that, today has quite possibly been the worst Monday in the history of Cassi. I've been very good so far, as to not let my personal life get in the way of my work. But, as I am simply human, my life followed me to work today and I couldn't shake it. So, my new boss who has only been working with my company for less than half the time that I have, mind you, pulled me into a "managers meeting" to tell me that I'm not moving fast enough, I'm walking back and forth like I dont have a care in the world, blah blah blah. What he doesn't realize, is that it's kind of hard to come in and start working right away when all the supplies/equipment that I need to do my job, he is using and has all of our product strewn about everywhere to where I have no idea where everything is and somehow I should have known exactly what to do. So, he tells me all this and I'm actually kind of offended. We had worked together previousy when he was in training to become a manager and he was a cocky arrogant self-important asshat and that has only become worse since then. I had thought that we were getting along okay, I had been playing nice up until now, and I thought that we were able to talk like two equals, right? Wrong. I told him that having all these people around to witness it was uneccasary, because all he had to do was say, you're not going fast enough, please pick it up. I would have responded better to that as an equal than him humiliating me in front of HIS managers. Not a good way to show your NEW employees that they can trust you. And then later, I find out from another coworker that I need to watch out for him, because he is keeping a close eye on me because I am late by two minutes every so often. WHOA. Stop. The. PRESSES. What? Yep, I am being watched because of that. And every other person in my department hates him as well because he doesnt know how to talk and coach without sounding like an asshole. I don't have any problem with being coached if I am doing anything wrong, but by all means, PLEASE talk to me like a human. Don't come at me with guns a blazin' over a little hiccup. I came home and was HYSTERICAL over it, I bawled over all the stuff going on. I think my emotional dam is starting to overflow. All I can do is go in early, do my job, shut my mouth and go home. Hopefully he'll be put on the fast track and moved out my fairly small store within the next few months. I just have to behave unitl then. Right?


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