I am sooooo very upset right now. I am confused, I am angry.
I can be so stupid sometimes.
I am tired of trusting men then they take advantage of that trust.
I had cell phones in my name for me,my boyfriend and his daughter. We broke up and I told him I would not turn their phones off if he paid his bill, he agreed. We went a couple of months like this and things were going good. Then he met someone else. Not a problem for me till I recieve a letter from Verizone thanking me for adding a new line. Well I called him and ask if he got another phone. He none chantly said yes. I ask if he got his new girlfriend a phone in my name and he said yes. I ask him if he didnt think he needed to call me and ask and he said no. I said whatever and hung up. The next day I called Verizone and had her phone shut off and let them know that this was done without my knowledge. They disconnected it without charging me a fee. He then called all irrate and ask why I did it. I said because he didnt have the right to do that without my premission. He got mad and started cussing at me and said well you can have the other 2 shut off also so I did. Now he has stuck me with a 500.00 phone bill that all of it is his because I have been making my portions of the bill.I have called and talked to the fraud department or I should say left a message for them to call me back. In the mean time I called to make payment arrangements and they say I have to pay the whole bill by the 25th of this month or I will lose my phone till it is paid in full.
It doesnt pay to be nice or to trust other people anymore. God I am so hurt and so angry. I am so tired of being shit on by men.

  1. jay 14 years ago

    the nerve!!!! sorry you have to deal with that=(

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  2. sorrowfulpoet 14 years ago

    Urk. Yeah I can’t blame ya there, that does suck. 🙁
    Not all men are like that–but all exes (no matter the gender) tend to be.

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