I've spent the day wandering around the house in pointless circles, my mind swirling as well. Both Aaron and my Mom were home today and Bill was here too (he's redoing the ceiling of our porch ~ so no porch time either); all I can say was I was a bundle of irritation and nerves. I think part of it is hormonal; about this time in my cycle I get really aggravated by nothing and very pessimistic. But add to that Zach coming home from school as a ball of energy and I was ready to go through the roof! I'm an introvert for the most part,and I enjoy quiet atmospheres with soft music, candlelight, reading, journaling, etc. Too much happening or too many people and I just shut down or blow up.

Today wasn't much better than yesterday ~ I'm still ready to cry at anything, and have stopped myself several times.  I feel like a wuss. I'm upset about the weight gain, I'm dealing with the change of dosage on the meds, but worst of all is the problem of snoring since I gained all this weight. It is causing serious issues between my husband and I. Inevitably I end up having to move to the couch because he's waking me up every timeI start snoring. I'm very angry and upset by this; he never offers to be the one to move and I'm expected to have to leave if he taps me on the shoulder in the middleof the night. It's complete bullsh*t!

I've tried so many different things from nasal inserts to homeopathic remedies, sometimes more than one ata time in hopes that itwill make a difference. It never really does. I'm so angry with him, the situation,and the helplessness I feel about it. And until I lose the weight I'm going to be sleeping on the couch apparently.

Aaron and I are fighting about it and I don't know what to do.I don't want this marital discord happening but I don't know how to prevent it. Please tell me someone has some ideas to help me!



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  1. Hangingbyathread 10 years ago

     I understand about having to just walk around the house mindlessly. It's like…the only thing you can do to stop yourself from completely breaking down and screaming. I hope things get better, and I wish i could offer you help with the snoring. I do agree he should at least offer to move since he's not the one with the problem lol

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