So I’m pretty new to this website. I got several links to awesome websites from The Crisis Text Line and it’s going well.


My friend and I drifted apart, we were very close and he’s been there since 4th grade for me (about four years) and suddenly he just left. Not sudden I think, we went through the phase of liking each other but since we don’t now, I guess he thinks it’s wrong to talk to me now.

Another thing is, I’m trying to write a story called Soaring Keys on Wattpad. I’m not getting any reads which is really upsetting because I put a lot of time and effort in each of the chapters.

My dad calls me several times a month, he and my mom are divorced so he doesn’t live with us. The thing is, he’s lived with us even though my parents got divorced four years ago. Four years! And now he decides to move out and get married. I don’t mind but he didn’t tell my little brother and I. Isn’t it funny that I feel betrayed by my own dad? Family is a hard topic to talk about but sometimes I need to rant. My mom gambles and it sucks because she’s rarely home. She’s always either on the phone talking to people who she owes money to or sleeping. Us three, my mom, brother and I, share one room. One flipping room for three people! I hate it because I can’t be alone, I can’t cry or listen to music with out my little brother yelling at me to shut up.

One more thing: I have a group chat with a couple of friends and they don’t care about me. I’ve ranted to them multiple times and tried tried to talk to them about my problems but they don’t care. I either get no reply or an ‘okay’ emoji. It is currently 11 pm and I haven’t showered yet. I’m really lost in life, ya know? I’ve tried leaving the world several times and the one person who can help has drifted away from me.


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